800 years ago, a small extra-stellar spacecraft entered the Solar system, and it made first contact with Humanity out on a little helium collection colony on Ganymede. The ship was Jolnithian, they had just bought (and reverse engineered the shit out of) the T-drives required for temporal FTL travel, which I cannot imagine would have been cheap, least of all in those days. Them meeting, turns out, was friendly, mainly because the Jonithians were just out exploring and didn’t have the weapons to conquor jack squat. So, trade agreements were quickly made, as well as research agreements and other political mumbo-jumbo, which ended up with the human race catching up to the Dremnin (basically still literal millenia ahead of everyone else technologically at the time) and the Jolnithians. The Krumpt technically had the tech to be traveling around, but they were still figuring out what “other cultures” were. and how not to just knock the shit out of anyone they met that wasn’t Krumpt. They sorta had a rough start. Fast forward 150 years, Humans have made contact with the Imperials, mostly because of missionaries spreading “the good word” anywhere they could, and Humans became part of interstellar trading commissions, spreading far and wide into the milky way, adding the brave, human spirit to the melting pot of the galaxy. I mean and booze and dope and a slew of other sins, but definitely the brave part first and foremost.

It’s 2935, the Jolnithians are caught in a civil war, the Imperials are running out of territory to build on, the Humans are dealing with a drug epidemic and you’re just trying to make a dime, just like your ancestors for generations- so much for the final frontier.